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Safeguard your networks and data against dangerous activity.

How protected is your business from cybercrime?

With an average ransom amount of $1.25 million and a cyber threat report made every 10 minutes in Australia, there’s no room for error.1 We offer a range of Aruba services to further secure your business from sophisticated cybercrime as well as delivering better efficiency for your work environments.


Do you really know who is connected to your network?

Aruba ClearPass
With the rise of remote work, there has been an influx of illegal cyber activity targeting business networks. This can be too much for in-house IT teams to manage on their own, creating holes in the security structure. Aruba ClearPass ensures that only approved and authenticated devices can connect to your network.

Aruba ClearPass offers:

  • Agentless policy control and automated response
  • Enforced access privileges to effectively reduce risk
  • Secured access for guests, corporate devices, and BYOD
  • Onboarding agents which look for correct patch and AV levels
  • Colourless Ports

Policy Manager

Implement policies and security controls based on the type of user and device, and whether they have previously joined your network.


Advanced anti-virus and firewall checks on any device connecting to your network, offering strong safeguards against vulnerabilities.


Detects a device’s operating system and guides the user through the appropriate steps for self-configuration.

Make connecting easy and safe

Aruba Access Points
Unlock better security with Aruba’s always-on connectivity and seamless roaming to your business. Aruba’s centralised zero-touch configuration and management model allows the 600 series to be deployed, monitored, and controlled without any local IT staff.

The 600 Series Access Points manages:

  • Authentication
  • Encryption
  • Virtual private network (VPN) connections
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Layer 3 networking
  • The Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF)
  • Aruba Adaptive Radio Management (ARM)
  • Aruba RFProtect Spectrum Analysis and Wireless Intrusion Protection capabilities

The Aruba 600 Series Access Points provide maximum deployment flexibility in a mixture of wireless LAN (WLAN) environments. Work more efficiently from any location with:

High performance with more capacity

Less interference

Ultimate efficiency

IoT and location services

Gain agility without the hassle

Aruba CX Switches

The CX Switch portfolio supports your most valued software, tackles new cyberattacks, and offers agility to meet the needs of modern environments. With the implementation of the Aruba Network Analytics Engine, the CX Switch Series provides industry-leading monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities for the access layer.

Experience efficiency and convenience with:

  • Built-in security and resilience
  • Foundations for high performance networks
  • Aruba NetEdit to rollout network changes and to address policy issues

We are an Aruba Gold Certified Partner

As an Aruba Gold Certified Partner, we provide comprehensive support our customers can rely on. Our portfolio of industry-leading products and solutions give our customers more options to customise strategies that will benefit their business and target the challenges they face more directly.

Here at Honeylight, we pride ourselves on our nurturing customer service, investing heavily in client support, providing a minimum of 3 months ongoing aftersales attention.

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