With the right strategy, ICT becomes an asset to your organisation.

Decades of experience in Compliance, Audits, Benchmarking and Quality Assurance ensures our Strategic Transformation team have the knowledge and skills to guide you in your journey.

The term compliance describes the ability to act according to an order, set of rules or request.

Some compliance needs to be applied from a legislative perspective, while others may need to be aligned with international or industry standards. Some are purely internal processes that you need followed.

How do you define your ‘rules’?
Do you have out of date policies or any at all?

Honeylight can help you fulfill compliance needs across your organisation. From simple processes to management of data (particularly PII) and even your finance department and how payments/receipts are processed.

Starting with identifying the risks that you might face, we can design and implement controls to protect you.

We can develop tools to help you monitor and report on the effectiveness of those controls, or we can manage them for you on an on-going basis continually updating you of your obligations, resolving difficulties as they occur.

Realtime Data Analytics

These systems can be remotely monitored and managed by Honeylight Consulting under a Services Partnership Agreement.

In addition, a suite of professional services can be provided to support client organisations.  Solutions can then be tailored and implemented to best meet your requirements and obligations.

Client Projects

Minaret College

Smoothwall was installed by Honeylight Consulting to provide the College with sophisticated internet filtering, comprehensive reporting and threat protection. The system integrates well with the Chromebook devices in use by the college.

Cyber Security Suite of Services

Cyber Security awareness training was provided to executives and administrative staff at their Epping office following concerns raised by MMA regarding use of infrastructure and understanding of Cyber threats.

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