Honeylight Consulting provides a comprehensive suite of services for clients in managing their security of their ICT system in the face of cyber security threats.

Protecting your organisation’s data and intellectual property is paramount to any business. Further, new privacy laws impose significant penalties on organisations with revenue exceeding $3M who fail to protect their client’s data and/or provide full timely disclosure.

Compliance with these legal requirements and expectations requires systems capable of providing maximum protection and promptly identifying when breaches have occurred.

Just as importantly, organisation staff need to understand the risks and have appropriate procedures and protocols in place to avoid potential data leakage or sinister access.

Honeylight Consulting in collaboration with long term partner organisations, offers a suite of professional services to support our clients including an outsourced “Virtual Chief Security Officer” service.

Professional Advice

Awareness Training

Security audits

Penetration Testing

System/Procedure development

System Monitoring

Virtual CSO

Take your business to next level with Honeylight Consulting.