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In order to solve their current technology challenges, organisations are increasingly turning to hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). They want to streamline their IT operations with a fast, uncomplicated, and efficient hyperconverged platform that combines IT infrastructure with advanced data services to create a single, cost-effective integrated all-flash solution.

At Honeylight, we’ve helped many organisations to discover an entirely new way of operating their hyperconverged IT environment. By bringing HPE SimpliVity, powered by Intel® Xeon® Gold Scalable processors, we can help you implement this market leading hyperconverged infrastructure platform across your business – enabling you to reduce the time, complexity and costs of managing your infrastructure environment.

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Increased Capacity

Hyper-efficient technology improves application performance and reduces capacity utilisation by up to 10X – guaranteed.1

Reduced Costs

By deploying HCI, organisations experienced an average 69% decrease in costs compared to running traditional infrastructure environments.2

Fast Backups

Built-in backup capability takes less than one minute, on average, to complete a local backup or local restore of a 1 TB VM. 3

Balance your needs to control costs and drive new revenue

To help you create flexibility with your long-term IT capacity planning, we can enable you to take advantage of the HPE GreenLake pay-per-use model to deploy HPE SimpliVity on your terms.

Simply start with the capacity you need today and grow with business demand by leveraging active capacity management and variable monthly payments based on metered usage.


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Honeylight and the SimpliVity Seven

Loosely defined as a software-defined combination of storage, servers, and networking, HCI is ideal for simplifying your IT environment in three key areas.


How can HCI help you to reduce your infrastructure costs?

Many organisations are focusing their digital transformation efforts on lowering costs over the long term.


Understanding the benefits of SimpliVity

An HPE expert discusses SimpliVity with two of our customers from both the enterprise and education worlds


EPSA Case study

Find out how this leading engine supplier leveraged a SimpliVity solution from Honeylight to power their growth strategy.


St John’s Case Study

Through a SimpliVity solution from Honeylight, St John’s drastically reduced the complexity in their infrastructure stack.


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