For many organisations, Infrastructure as a Service is an increasingly attractive alternative to periodic significant investment in major infrastructure and the personnel skills to maintain on an ongoing basis.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides clients


The ability to focus on business front-end, delegate investment and management of expensive IT backend infrastructure to experienced, efficient service providers.


Better manage major equipment acquisitions and upgrades into regular monthly all-inclusive payments based on agreed service parameters.


With cloud or hybrid solutions, SaaS applications can be accessed on a user-basis easing implementation and optimising economics.

Honeylight Consulting can offer solutions tailored to suit client-specific requirements:

  • Fully – maintained Equipment Leasing
  • Hosted (data centre)
  • Cloud / Hybrid deployments

With any of these solution configurations our clients are provided with:

  • freedom to focus on front-end needs of the organisation
  • confidence in the leveraged expertise of Honeylight Consulting in managing and maintaining the back-end infrastructure and
  • cost effective access to infrastructure as needed to support business initiatives.

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