Honeylight Consulting staff have a proven specialist expertise in the planning, deployment and management of a range of IT infrastructure solutions for many diverse clients, including SME, government offices, professional service organisations, schools and large corporates.

We understand that our clients have diverse range of capabilities relating to IT infrastructure and there is often an acute need for professional advice to assist in planning and management of their IT services.  Honeylight Consulting’s experience and exposure across our many clients, vendor partners, and across different state boundaries often provides the catalyst for the “out of the box” thinking that clients cherish.

Consultants are experienced, degree qualified ICT engineering professionals and project managers.

Honeylight Consulting specialises in providing advice to clients relating to:

  • Infrastructure Roadmaps plotting current and future business requirements, technology capabilities and trends, including hyperconvergence technologies;
  • Comprehensive assessment of legacy IT infrastructure and management protocols with professional recommendations for investment and process improvements.

Honeylight Consulting can also assist clients with specialist IT management resources for specific requirements:

  • Project management for major works such as office relocations where our staff can coordinate infrastructure works and ensure maximum service continuity for business operations during the project;
  • Virtual Chief Information Officer – providing expert technology management strategy and oversight at operating and/or board and management level on a consultancy basis.

Client Projects

Hybrid Cloud Strategy

The advent of the Leading Lights strategy of CEWA (the Catholic Education Western Australia) as well as broad adoption of cloud strategies across disparate sectors led Mazenod College to seek advice from Honeylight Consulting. In order to assist in navigating the delivery of a Hybrid Cloud strategy Honeylight engaged with the school, with external parties and across vendor partners to deliver a 52-page document intended to inform and advise leadership as to the nature, benefit and execution of this strategy.

Office Relocation Project

This engagement involved seamless transition of Melbourne City Mission’s services to a temporary location, whilst building transformation works were being conducted. Honeylight Consulting were responsible for all critical ICT services to be transitioned, working together with various vendors to ensure there was seamless services continuity for Melbourne City Mission. Furthermore, the move back involved splitting ICT services amongst 3 offices but also working in conjunction with their VoIP project – ensuring seamless integration for Melbourne City Mission.

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