Honeylight Consulting has developed expertise in providing best practice solutions, whether it is protecting the network perimeter from unauthorised access or providing firewalls and/or software systems to contain threats..

Many organisations, irrespective of size have been increasingly exposed to breaches of security with corporate data being compromised, or worse, held for ransom.

Protecting your organisation’s data and intellectual property is paramount to any business. Further, new privacy laws impose significant penalties on organisations with revenue exceeding $3M who fail to protect their client’s data and/or provide full timely disclosure.

Compliance with these legal requirements and expectations requires systems capable of providing maximum protection and promptly identifying when breaches have occurred.

Honeylight Consulting specialises in providing clients a comprehensive suite of hardware and software solutions to provide perimeter protection and analytics to identify and prevent potential inappropriate data leakage.

Honeylight Consulting also provides specialist ICT consulting services to Boards and Management of large and medium sized enterprises in both the Profit and Not for Profit Sectors.

Firewalls and Endpoint Security

Realtime Data Analytics

These systems can be remotely monitored and managed by Honeylight Consulting under a Services Partnership Agreement.

In addition, a suite of professional services can be provided to support client organisations.  Solutions can then be tailored and implemented to best meet your requirements and obligations.

Client Projects

Minaret College

Smoothwall was installed by Honeylight Consulting to provide the College with sophisticated internet filtering, comprehensive reporting and threat protection. The system integrates well with the Chromebook devices in use by the college.

Cyber Security Suite of Services

Cyber Security awareness training was provided to executives and administrative staff at their Epping office following concerns raised by MMA regarding use of infrastructure and understanding of Cyber threats.

McClelland College

Honeylight Consulting installed Fortinet and Forti-analyser to provide the school latest generation of integrated security for their internet traffic threat protection and filtering.

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