Honeylight Consulting has developed expertise in providing best practice security solutions. These solutions enable our clients to minimise their risks whilst embracing the promise of digital transformation.

Palo Alto

With the increase of remote workforces and multi-cloud environments, protecting your organisation’s data and intellectual property is paramount. Further, new privacy laws impose significant penalties on organisations with revenue exceeding $3M who fail to protect their client’s data and provide full, timely disclosure.

Compliance with these legal requirements starts with visibility, transparency, and control. Organisations must have solutions in place that provide maximum protection and prompt identification when breaches occur.

The team at Honeylight Consulting are experienced in providing clients broad protection across the entire attack surface, even within the most complex of environments. Together with the increase of remote workforces and the increase of Bring Your Own Device, this presents a host of other security issues including email-based threats and endpoint-security gaps for example.

Our team will enable your organisation to meet all your security needs, providing thoughtful consultation, without disrupting operations.


Realtime Data Analytics

These systems can be remotely monitored and managed by Honeylight Consulting under a Services Partnership Agreement.

In addition, a suite of professional services can be provided to support client organisations.  Solutions can then be tailored and implemented to best meet your requirements and obligations.

Client Projects

Cyber Security Suite of Services

Firewalls in HA installed and managed 24/7 by Honeylight on an ongoing basis.

With anywhere up 2000 customers connecting to their network, at any given time, 100% uptime needs to be guaranteed.

McClelland College

Honeylight Consulting installed Fortinet and Forti-analyser to provide the school latest generation of integrated security for their internet traffic threat protection and filtering.

Christ Church Grammar

Firewalls in HA designed and deployed within a complex network topology.
Precanned and self designed reporting for student welfare and the ability to change security policies on the fly without losing any services.

Take your business to next level with Honeylight Consulting.