Harnessing the Power of HPE Apollo and Alletra to Deliver Better Data Outcomes


The rate of growth in data is accelerating at a staggering rate. Globally, there was “just” 64.2 zettabytes. By 2025 that number will reach 180 zettabytes.  

To grapple with that, the installed base of storage capacity is increasing at a CAGR of 19.2%.  

Australia, meanwhile, is also one of the world’s most enthusiastic consumers of hyperscale datacentres. While 39% of hyperscale datacentres exist in the US alone, China, Japan, the UK, Germany and Australia combined account for the next 30%. 

Whether on-premises or in the cloud, Australian enterprises need technology that allows them to approach data collection, storage, and application strategically.  

That’s where HPE and the Apollo and Alletra systems come in. These systems are designed to unlock the value of data, driving digital transformation at any scale. With Honeylight Consulting in partnership, these HPE solutions can turn the growth in data into a manageable and strategic opportunity. 


The Power of HPE Apollo and Alletra 

We are now in the exascale era—where data growth is exponential due to high‑performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and analytics. The high‑performing, density‑optimised HPE Apollo servers are purpose-built to provide the computing power you need to thrive in demanding environments. Your data centres can now experience quicker deployments and faster time to value, support new workloads and unlock the power of your data—in real time, with fewer resources, and on tighter budgets. This means you can focus on: 

  1. Building solutions
  2. Gathering insights
  3. Delivering business value

Meanwhile, your data has never been more valuable. It has the potential to transform your business— by accelerating innovation, improving the customer experience, and driving operational efficiency. Achieving this kind of data innovation requires a generational shift in the application landscape, but it also entails the complexity of deploying and maintaining more infrastructure than ever before. The HPE Alletra system is built for data applications, offering a balanced architecture with high data capacity, throughput, and processing power to drive IO-intensive, cache-intensive, and tiering-intensive workloads. It spans the data-centric workload spectrum, from deeper data lakes and archives to high-throughput and in-place analytics and AI/ML. 


Why is this difference important?

To effectively manage the dual challenge of growth in data and the increasingly strategic applications of it, organisations need to become highly efficient in the categorisation of data. This ensures that high-performance resources are not wasted, but the critical data is available should teams need it.  Add in the increasingly hybrid nature of storage environments, as workloads are moved to multi-cloud environments, and enterprises often need support in finding the right mix of technologies and structure to the data.  

This challenge applies across industries. In Australia, sectors such as mining, healthcare, education, and public services generate vast amounts of data daily, and therefore data sources are often decentralised. The ability to efficiently store, manage, and analyse this data can lead to significant improvements in operational efficiency, decision-making processes, and overall business performance, and this is why Honeylight Consulting supports HPE systems, such as the HPE Apollo and Alletra, as they are ideally suited to form a stable and efficient foundation for these dynamic environments. 

For instance, in the mining industry where real-time data processing is crucial for operational efficiency and safety, these systems can handle such demanding workloads and do so at the edge. Similarly, in healthcare where medical imaging generates large amounts of data, these systems can provide rapid access to enable new insights from existing data. 


Explore the HPE Alletra Portfolio

Alletra 5000 Series: Ideally suited for workloads that do not require an all-flash solution. Offers reliable, cost-efficient hybrid flash performance. Adaptively designed for a mix of primary workloads and secondary backup and disaster recovery. Combines a flash-enhanced architecture with HPE InfoSight predictive analytics for fast, reliable access to data. 

Alletra 6000 Series: Designed for business-critical workloads with strict availability and performance SLAs. Built on an ultra-efficient architecture for fast, consistent performance and industry-leading data efficiency. Ensure resiliency with guaranteed data availability, ability to scale as needed, and easily extend to the cloud with consistent data services. 

Alletra 9000 Series: Optimised for workloads with extreme latency and availability requirements. Delivers mission-critical reliability without sacrificing agility. Consolidate traditional and modern mission-critical apps with All-NVMe performance, ultra-low latency, and guaranteed data availability. This ensures business continuity with a complete suite of advanced disaster recovery solutions on-premises and in the cloud. 


Honeylight Consulting: Your Trusted Partner

Honeylight Consulting is a specialist in the provision of strategic data services through HPE technology. What sets Honeylight apart is the technical and strategic expertise of its teams. Data solutions need tailored solutions, which means enterprises need a true partner that will first understand the business objectives of the data project. With a team of highly skilled consultants, Honeylight understands that time is one of the most valuable commodities for an organisation.  

Honeylight Consulting has a proven track record in implementing solutions like HPE Apollo and Alletra. For example, Honeylight was selected by Auckland Transport to help expand its CCTV network and update its data platform to better monitor vehicles and serve people in the city. The solution that Honeylight provided allowed the company to leverage insights from the edge-to-cloud, AI-enhanced video feed to optimise transport routes and promote public transportation. 

With expertise in backup & disaster recovery, cloud deployments, cyber security, and hyperconverged infrastructure among others, Honeylight Consulting is well-positioned to implement and manage HPE Apollo/Alletra for customers across Australia. 


Learn more about structuring a data storage strategy around HPE technology powered by Intel® by booking a free consultation with a Honeylight Consulting specialist.

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