Honeylight and the SimpliVity Seven


At Honeylight, we’ve helped many organisations discover an entirely new way of operating, by simplifying their IT environment with Hyperconverged infrastructure.
The pace of change in the world of technology seems to get faster every year.

Even in the widespread disruption caused by Covid-19, many organisations are having to rapidly reconfigure their IT environment to cope with new challenges such as a remote workforce.

Prior to 2020, IT leaders were already dealing with a raft of new devices and applications to meet their users’ new demands for always-on enterprise IT. On top of that, senior leaders were asking them to create application environments that somehow balance high availability with cloud-like economics.

In order to solve their current technology challenges, organisations are increasingly turning to hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI).

Loosely defined as a software-defined combination of storage, servers, and networking, HCI is ideal for simplifying IT environments.


SimpliVity Seven


Managing remote office/branch locations

Remote locations often don’t have anywhere near close to the breadth of datacenter services that head offices do, and we see a mish mash of hardware platforms ranging from ageing devices to brand new components. By moving to HCI, organisations can instantly gain centralised administrative capabilities over every site. In terms of hardware support, each site becomes a mirror of the others which streamlines support efforts and eliminates the need for dedicated technical staff at each location.

Managing a diverse application portfolio

Many traditional datacentre architectures aren’t equipped to support the diverse range of applications at each company. With a well-integrated HCI solution, organisations can virtualize even the largest resource-intensive applications while still ensuring they have sufficient resources to operate these workloads. As your applications’ needs grow, HCI enables scalability by adding more storage capacity and performance, more CPU, and more RAM, and each component can be scaled at different times.

Consolidating your datacenters

One of the most common yet complex tasks for IT leaders is datacenter consolidation. HCI makes the most sense reducing both the volume and variety of hardware you need to manage, while eliminating a monolithic SAN environment.

HPE SimpliVity allows you to reduce the amount of data you manage through consolidation of storage and compute along with with deduplication and compression.

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