Honeylight Consulting deploys Nutanix to construction company MiTek Australia


Melbourne-based Honeylight Consulting has deployed a Nutanix solution to construction services company MiTek Australia.

MiTek, owned by US-based conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway, supplies software, engineered products, services and automated manufacturing equipment to the construction industry.

Honeylight provided Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure software, hardware and support services to replace aging hardware and deploy a “cloud-like” environment as a foundation for a hybrid cloud environment down the line.

The company also ripped out a legacy tape-based system across MiTek’s primary data centres in Melbourne and Sydney, to improve disaster recovery capabilities. Honeylight also brought in Nutanix Xi Frame desktop-as-a-service, with the aim of improving staff mobility and the potential of opening new business opportunities in more remote regions in Australia.

“We’re focused on investing in the right technology for our business, so we’re in a position to continue to support our customers to the highest standards,” MiTek Asia Pacific IT manager Daniel Heathershaw said.

“Nutanix is a key part of that strategy. It has simplified our IT operations, given us increased stability, and created a roadmap to hybrid cloud and better services for our customers.”

MiTek said it chose Honeylight for being vendor agnostic, and so far has been thrilled with its first engagement with the Nutanix partner. Nutanix’s solution was also picked for having a “cloud-like environment” while retaining control in-house as it transitions into a full hybrid cloud environment over time.

“There’s no doubt that the construction industry is moving to the cloud, but we needed a solution that would bring the cloud to us so we could maintain control,” Heathershaw said.

“Public cloud wasn’t a workable option as costs easily spiral upwards and we required data to be kept within our own network to protect our proprietary software and meet our compliance requirements. Nutanix provides this immediately and paves the way to hybrid cloud over time.”

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