Intelligent Infrastructure: Working Smarter Not Harder


This year, every organisation has had to cope with their own level of disruption. For IT, this has meant quickly throwing out their established operating models to quickly spin up new applications, environments, and virtual machines (VMs).

This is the new generation of IT management in which IT teams are transitioning from managing hardware, infrastructure, and devices to delivering outcomes for the business. Business leaders are asking for:

  • New applications and services for serving customers
  • Secure environments for powering a remote/hybrid workforce
  • High availability for business-critical systems and workloads

Few organisations are building a competitive advantage out of their ability to manually manage hardware stacks. Any advantage in the future will come from having the agility and flexibility to add applications and VMs to business-critical production environments quickly – without the regular complexities of managing storage and backups

Yet we know this agility is difficult to achieve when a common infrastructure scenario involves silos of compute, network, and storage hardware that need to be individually managed. Accordingly, we’ve seen the growing popularity of converged infrastructure (CI) and hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI) that offer a single, centrally managed solution with software-defined compute, network, and storage.

But these new solutions aren’t without their challenges on their own, with ESG research revealing organisations deploying HCI can face difficulty finding the root cause of issues and performance challenges around data locality. While CI delivers better performance and reliability for some organisations, they can also see an increase in service and support issues.

The AI advantage

The issues of managing any infrastructure solution, including HCI, can be alleviated through AI solutions that predict issues and proactively troubleshoot problems through the use of automation and machine learning. This allows IT leaders to unlock the secure reliability and flexible scalability of HCI, while significantly reducing the number of tickets they need to resolve or service requests to vendors.

With the right infrastructure, organisations can leverage AI and machine learning to minimise disruption, unlock hidden data insights in minutes, and greatly reduce the complexity of managing HCI. Incorporating HPE InfoSight can provide organisations with a single-pane, data centric view of all VMs, identify the causes of performance-impacting issues, and anticipate what actions will prevent performance obstacles from arising.

Through context-aware intelligence from HPE, the right intelligent HCI platform can deliver:

  • Streamlined, large-scale management of virtual workloads for cloud administrators.
  • Data insight in minutes.
  • Streamlined infrastructure management.
  • 9999% guaranteed availability to reduce risk and maintain productivity.
  • Up to 30% reduction in costs through elimination of over-provisioning and cost-alignment with business-critical needs.

With AI and machine learning at its core, intelligent storage is the infrastructure designed to meet the growing data demands of the digital economy. HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, built with HPE ProLiant servers powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, is an intelligent platform that disaggregates compute and storage, as well as integrates hyperconverged control for simple management on a flexible architecture.

With Honeylight and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) as your technology partners, you can leverage a disaggregated HCI solution that offers:

  • ultimate simplicity for virtualised environments
  • fast app performance
  • always-on data resilience
  • resource efficiency

Get in touch with us today to begin reducing your infrastructure management complexity while delivering scalable and secure environments for your most unpredictable and business-critical workloads.


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